Shieldite and The Electric You!

by radiantrose on April 14, 2012

Your need to generate electricity within you to read this article and process the information it contains. You wouldn’t be able to think, move or accomplish any of your other bodily functions without electricity. The biggest user of electricity is your brain and nervous system. The electricity in your body moves in what is called longitudinal wave patterns. These patterns are how atoms, molecules and cells communicate with one another and create the polarity necessary for message transportation and execution. All of the atomic particles that make up your body have a positive, negative or neutral charge. How these charges are regulated allow the parts of the body to communicate with each other.

But what happens if the body is affected by an outside electrical source like electromagnetic frequency radiation from a cell phone or a computer or hundreds of other disruptive devices? EMF radiation creates transverse wave patterns and can cause disruption in the electrical nature of the body and how it communicates. It seems like our planet is saturated with EMF pollution, even the farthest reaches are polluted according to scientists. Those indigenous peoples in the remotest jungles are being affected too, all because of our technological needs.

More and more people are becoming physically ill and scientists indicate if this trend continues 30 percent of the population could experience some degree of electromagnetic hypersensitivity within the next few decades. I can only imagine the burden on society if this phenomenon develops as it is trending now.

We’ve all heard that everything we need for our well-being and our destruction is right here on the planet and as far as EMF radiation is concerned there is a natural mineral that protects the body from its effects. Yes, it’s a rock and believe me, it rocks when it comes to changing the way the body feels in the presence of EMF radiation.

There has been some Kirilian photography taken of the energetic interaction of this mineral called Shieldite and EMF radiation. It is stunning and proves that when you wear a Shieldite pendant there is a three foot protective bubble created around you like a force field. There are also rough and decorative pieces you can put in your living and working space and depending on their size will protects you for a radius of at least three feet. I am trying to locate these reported photos and when I find them, I will post them for you to see.

For information on Shieldite go to this link to the Iyashi website where you can read all about it. There is a ton of information there and as this is such an important issue for your health, you should take the time to be informed.

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